Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Custom Sound Healing Workshop! Organized for a large corporate Business


Personal growth of the employee promotes a positive work environment - Imbibing in employees a sense of love and care from the organization. The change in pace and  attention to a non -work related activity also gives employees time to sharpen the saw. Resulting in work output with renewed enthusiasm.

At the start of April we were able to do just that for a large corporate based out of Pune. This session was facilitated for the middle management level of employees in the organisation. And they had a fun time 'tuning out' from their everyday work routine while also learning 'take home' techniques they can personally use in the future; to de-stress and return to their true selves. 

It is our mission is to facilitate these powerful experiences for your organization. Helping in creating an avenue for your  employees to  feel more peaceful and in tune with themselves. We facilitate these unique and radical learning experiences  using music and movement as tools of transformation and a  return to a state of inner peace and joy.

For more  info on how you, your colleagues ,  your employees or workplace can have this experience , say hello  to us at - 9711246498 or write to us at | 

How to Fear Less & Live More" and "Songs From the Heart - WEF 2019 !

Was very honoured to be invited to speak at the Women's Economic Forum global meet on the topics "How to Fear Less & Live More" and "Songs From the Heart".

It was a joy interacting with women from a 100 different countries and sharing some of my learnings and music with them. I heard a lot of their inspiring stories and it was amazing to see how connected all of us are as a human race.

Very humbled to be awarded the
" Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All "
award by Dr. Harbeen Arora at the conference.

About Women Economic Forum (WEF)

The forum arm of the global network ALL Ladies League (ALL), the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is an multinational forum platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities. They are a non-profit with a philanthropic vision and collaborative spirit.

With connections to 100,000 members and inspiring women across 150 countries, ALL & WEF are among the largest women’s networks offering the widest outreach to women in the spirit of “sisters beyond borders.” With a focus on enhancing mentorship with sponsorship, they are fostering an ecosystem of sharing and inspiration, resulting in innovative and entrepreneurial collaborations across all levels, energised by a spirit of readiness and responsiveness to support one another.

The WEF have a strong #SheforShe spirit, with outreach toward #SheforHe and #HeforShe. 

It is a movement of Gender Equality without Gender Divisiveness. Leading the global calendar of events for women empowerment and enterprise, they have held, in 2015 – 2018, over 20+ worldwide editions, and continue to hold around 10 every year.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Power of Conviction and How Words Affect our Energy Fields - A Look Into the Alternative Sound Healing Methods Used by Ancient Chinese Medicine

The essence of everything in the universe is vibration. Any emotional blocks that reside within us is stuck vibrational energy which if unreleased impacts our emotional and physical health.

We however have all  been blessed with powerful tools for self-wellness; the voice & the body. The Indian Vedas and the ancient Greek &  Egyptian texts all speak about the healing power of sound and it's remarkable curative properties. 

 Words are quite literally vibration and sounds that create our reality. They put form and meaning to our thoughts; in a way you could say they form our reality. If you suppose this, then a tool that creates your reality is a powerful tool , would you agree? 

They are the vessel of our inner thoughts and a confirmation of our shared reality... You could say then that they are extremely important to the outlines of who we are, what we live by, and what we communicate to others and make them feel. 

Gregg Braden gives an incredible presentation on the power of the heart.

To give you an example , the above presentation was created based on example of  a medicine- less hospital in Beijing, China. It describes the story of a woman who had a diagnoses of a 7.62 centimeter (3 inches) cancerous tumor in her bladder. Conventional medicine doctors gave up on her saying they could do nothing to help her. Desperate, she went to China and to a clinic where they practice both ancient and modern healing methods.  

The practitioners (at the clinic) were adept and properly trained to understand only the precise feeling in their hearts (hence the proper focus of conviction of the words they use). There are only three practitioners in that hospital and they worked by creating a feeling of belief that the woman is already healed. When looking at her body through a sonogram, they could see the cancer regress in 3 minutes as the practitioners used their training and the use of emotional language. 

As the process continued you could see the woman conscious; not administered any anesthetic and she is in full belief of what is happening to her.  On the screen (in the presentation) we will see two images; one image is a picture of the tumour and the other is a real time image while the healing is happening. You will hear the practitioner chant a particular word, which loosley translates to 'already happened or already done' but its not the word used that is important , but rather the intention and the belief in that the healing has already happened -  Not that it is going to happen or not that its about to happen or that its a long slow happening but that it is already happened. Such is the power of sound when used with focus and intention ...

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Glimpse Into Our Corporate Workshops And Offerings

" Happy employees=Happy Customers= Happy Shareholders. And happiness starts with workplace harmony".
Simon Sinek

The equation between happy employees and a productive business is a simple one. 
Happy employees = Happy Clients = Happy Business. The happier your employees, the higher the profits and better the productivity. At Mousai, our mission is equally simple: To harness music and movement to help both individuals and teams gradually and steadily achieve their finest potential.

In the process, they learn how to manage stress, shed inhibitions, build self expression and achieve inner peace. In short, individuals in sync with themselves are in... sync with their team members and the work place - which is great for business! The use of vibrational sound is a time tested modality to build self awareness and achieve peace of mind. The energy of sound works like medicine on multiple levels with a singular purpose: the productivity that comes through positivity.

Sound and movement are powerful forces that can impact you on a cellular level, leading to an increased flow of energy in the body, facilitate positive emotions and release energy blocks. As a result it :

· Increases productivity & performance by as high as 20 percent

· Increases sales by as much as 37 percent

· Improves the quality of leadership 
As we know, workplace wellness is a partnership between employee and employer, necessitating trust. When the communication between the two improves, everything falls in place. CEO’s performing better in leadership positions are more likely to lead teams of employees who are both happy, healthy and high-performing.

· Creates a positive organisational culture 
Investment in wellness delivers on two major counts: improving personal health and strengthening inter-personal bonds. A small step for a team, a giant leap towards a positive organizational culture.


Impactful Micro Learning : Our power packed micro learning sessions can be facilitated as an in-house session or integrated as a plug-in into your offsite retreats 

Dancing Spirit and Song : 2.5 hours 
Spruce Up Through Sound : 2.5 hours 
Connecting Chakras to Consciousness : 3 hours 

Full Day Workshop : Experience a deep exploratory session with the power of music and movement. And take home a personal practice tool kit with Mousai's signature full day program 

Sound and Movement for Authentic  Well-being : 8 hours 

Sound Relaxation : Our sound relaxation experiences cater to both individuals and groups, and are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body-mind, so once can return to work refreshed and energized. 

Sound Spa Group Relaxation Session : 1 hour 

One - on - One Sessions : 2 hours 

Customized Programs and Retreats : Mousai offers highly customized programs tailor made to suit the needs of your organization. We are happy to talk to you more about our work in the areas of emotional expression, creativity, team building, and vision boarding to customize a program design or offsite retreat for you. 

At Mousai, we believe that sound and movement are meant to create a space that helps people be the best they can be, convert potential to performance and strengthen inter-personal bonds.The change in pace and attention to a non - work related activity gives employees time to 'sharpen the saw' and work with renewed enthusiasm.

Below are a few experiences captured from our previous corporate sessions 

Take a look at our work on our new website :http://
We would love to host a signature Mousai workshop for a group of people or your organization. We also offer one-on-one sound healing sessions for individuals.These also serve as a great gift to family members and friends. 
These sound bath sessions are a perfect way to rejuvenate and relax.

If you would like to know more, do call us for a chat. We'd love to share more about the work we do and it's immense health benefits. :-)
We feel really grateful that participants who have experienced our sessions  shared their thoughts on it
"Pragnya has a fine approach to facilitation that was a pleasure for me to experience. Plus her beautiful voice captures one's imagination."
~~ Bruce Bartlett
"The workshop was wonderful and a lovely experience.Very interactive and fun!Infact we achieved more than we were told at the beginning."
~~ Sakeena Khan, GAIA, ITES
"It was an excellent experience because I got to know to be myself. It was refreshing and stress free."
~~ Jyoti, Sodexo

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A an evening of Peace with Nithya Shanti and Pragnya Wakhlu

Many will claim to despise hypocrisy, yet will be unable to digest unabashed authenticity, thereby revealing their own hypocrisy.So don't worry too much about all this. Reveal your inner experience as much as required, when required, without worrying about the confusing and convoluted standards of others.

Be at ease in the full spectrum of pretense and presence in this game of life. Just be honest with yourself. With your innermost spirit. That's all that counts.

The ease of just being ... Would best describe a November evening, last year (2018) with Nithya Shanti and Pragnya Wakhlu as they led a small group of people through an  an evening of meditation, chanting, music & spiritual conversation on a beautiful full moon night. 

One of the participants at the evening best expressed it 

" Would like to express my gratitude and share my experiences for yesterday s both the events.. Thankyou Pragnya for the sound healing and dance movements. The whole day today I was in the bliss of yesterday s healing and loved those healing and soothing sounds. I really wish every noise in the universe is replaced by these healing sounds especially in traffic 😉

Loved to be a part of both the events.. Thankyou Nithya for the self reflective sessions, which gave me clear insights and many clues to my questions especially ones about 2019. Your simple practices makes most of my complicated questions easier to understand and contemplate. Also thanks a lot for the EFT. Now I am taking my judgements as my cute pets. Thankyou for such a cute perspective..

Last but not the least I loved the song "Lila's is like a play" to which we all were singing and dancing at the end.. Thankyou all and wish everyone a very happy new and a very prosperous year 2019 "

- Amruta gupta

Here are few candid moments from the evening. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did :-) 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Beautiful Workshop Series And Concert At HongKong

The essence of everything in the Universe is vibration. Any emotional blocks that reside within us is stuck vibrational energy which if unreleased impacts our emotional and physical health.

We however have all  been blessed with powerful tools for self-wellness; the voice & the body. The indian vedas and the ancient Greek &  Egyptian texts all speak about the healing power of sound and its remarkable curative properties. 

Earlier in May 2018 we  completed a series of workshops with The Red Doors Studio and a concert at the Lamma Art Collective in Hong Kong 

Both events   were a lot of  fun and a very enriching experience!  I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some pictures from the sessions and also the  Hong Kong concert highlightsI would love to hear what you think about it!  

Participants both young and old alike experienced a unique self-exploratory journey through sound- Celebrating their authentic self, and experiencing, fulfillment and joy, through a discovery of how sound plays such a important role in one's life!


Friday, February 22, 2019

A great solution to help you relax and reconnect with yourself - Music for the soul !

In today's world we all are subject a state of constant activity. From technology; everyday errands; social media; personal obligations and other aspects of life. Making it quite difficult to remember how to simply unwind and relax. Sometimes you may even be craving it without a chance to actually set aside time. But! it is an important aspect we should not ignore. 

 Listening to relaxing music helps clear your mind , fall asleep faster and helps you feel better. Apart from this music has also been found to 

1. Lower Your Heart Rate 

2. Trigger Feel-good Chemicals in Your Brain

3.  Masks Distracting Noises that may interfere with a task at hand. 

Our advice is to take the time out and listen to something soothing and relaxing for a bit. To help you get started on this, here is a small one hour collection of music that can help calm you. 

Try it out for a 15 minute period in between your work schedule or at night just before going to bed. Let us know what you think about music and its effects. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.