Saturday, March 23, 2019

A an evening of Peace with Nithya Shanti and Pragnya Wakhlu

Many will claim to despise hypocrisy, yet will be unable to digest unabashed authenticity, thereby revealing their own hypocrisy.So don't worry too much about all this. Reveal your inner experience as much as required, when required, without worrying about the confusing and convoluted standards of others.

Be at ease in the full spectrum of pretense and presence in this game of life. Just be honest with yourself. With your innermost spirit. That's all that counts.

The ease of just being ... Would best describe a November evening, last year (2018) with Nithya Shanti and Pragnya Wakhlu as they led a small group of people through an  an evening of meditation, chanting, music & spiritual conversation on a beautiful full moon night. 

One of the participants at the evening best expressed it 

" Would like to express my gratitude and share my experiences for yesterday s both the events.. Thankyou Pragnya for the sound healing and dance movements. The whole day today I was in the bliss of yesterday s healing and loved those healing and soothing sounds. I really wish every noise in the universe is replaced by these healing sounds especially in traffic 😉

Loved to be a part of both the events.. Thankyou Nithya for the self reflective sessions, which gave me clear insights and many clues to my questions especially ones about 2019. Your simple practices makes most of my complicated questions easier to understand and contemplate. Also thanks a lot for the EFT. Now I am taking my judgements as my cute pets. Thankyou for such a cute perspective..

Last but not the least I loved the song "Lila's is like a play" to which we all were singing and dancing at the end.. Thankyou all and wish everyone a very happy new and a very prosperous year 2019 "

- Amruta gupta

Here are few candid moments from the evening. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did :-) 

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