Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mousai and Pragati to co-conduct teachers program : "Creative Teacher's" in July

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book - John Cotton Dana

Following the success of Mr. Arun Wakhlu's inspiring talk on "Creative Teaching"  in Pune held in association with NIE ; Mousai and Pragati are now conducting a full-fledged 2 day teacher's training program "Creative Teacher's" in Pune on the 30th and 31st July. The program will be conducted by Dr.Niloufer Aga (an ex-teacher) from Bhojwani Academy and Pragnya Wakhlu (founder of MOUSAI).An inspiring opening talk will be provided by Arun Wakhlu.
Participants will be awarded certificates of participation at the end of the program.

This is a great opportunity for teachers to learn how to ..
** Be an inspiring role model
** Engage the class in fun learning experiences
** Exhibit effective interpersonal skills
** Use music and  movement to stimulate their class rooms

Date          :  30th – 31st July (Fri,Sat)
Timings     :  9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m
Venue       :  Vidya Valley School,Pune

** Lunch and tea will be provided on both days
** Transport to and fro to the school will be provided at central pick up points in the city


Pragnya – 9561324311/ 9823551249 Shabana - 9850178110
Email: pragnya.wakhlu@mousaiindia.com,info@mousaiindia.com

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mousai's "Twist and Shout" childrens workshop gets featured in the news

It was a regular summer afternoon in Pune but at One Life Club , Pashan sounds of laughter and music filled the air, as 7- 13 yr olds gathered together for “Twist and Shout” ; a unique summer workshop organised by MOUSAI. The workshop, held over a span of two days, aimed at liberating expression and improving non verbal communication using the unique methodology of music and movement .

 The children were at their creative best be it playing an instrument they each made or creating their own dance story. “Music and movement have the power to touch the heart and soul and bring about transformation” says Pragnya Wakhlu , the founder of MOUSAI .” At MOUSAI we specialize in providing learning aided through music and movement based exercises coupled with visual aids and short films. This creates a positive & fun learning environment for the child”. As part of the workshop the kids were also made to climb up the Pashan hills to commune with and respect nature for it’s many bounties. Say’s Nisha ,workshop co-ordinator "As a kid, I would have loved to have had the 'MOUSAI experience'. This is an adventure the kids wouldn't want to miss! "

"My fever is gone after the program!" Chetan Wagh proclaims

Mousai recently conducted a program at a well known BPO in Pune. Since BPO shifts begin at night , the program was held in the late hours of the evening..In came an expectant lot of employees with not a clue of what was going to take place in the hours to come.

One of the employees Chetan Wagh came in looking a bit under the weather."Are'nt you feeling well Chetan?" I asked him."No, I have a bit of a cold and fever" he said.

The minute we began the first activity , we had Chetan enthusiastically participate in the dance forgetting about his fever for a minute.Sounds of laughter and joy filled the air ; and other curious employees from the company peeped in wondering why they were not invited to the ongoing event!:) For those 3 hrs seemed I was sharing the room with enthusiatic, playful children without a care in the world that were out to have a ball! Music and movement really brings the body back to it's natural state of playfulness; and it was delightful to see that happen in front of my eyes.

We then began a sounding exercise with a more meditative ambience being created in the room. The room was so silent and still..I could actually hear the participants breathing. Within minutes the room was filled with the melliflous voices that blended together so perfectly in perfect harmony..creating a melody that sounded like a gregorian chant..

At the end of the session we had Chetan come up to us and thank us..I asked him how he was feeling now..He said " Before the session began I felt tired and drowsy and had a throat ache..but after we did the humming and sounding for the body I felt the pain in my throat disappear and I was healed!Theres someting about music and dance that just put me in a trance and I feel so relaxed now.The body pain and fever has just disappeared.It was awesome!"

Giving him a hug we bid goodbye. Hearing something like this after a session will naturally give anyone a high..but more than his kinds words about the session ,I was delighted a living testimony for the power of music and movement....:)
Here's to many more Chetan Wagh's in the future! **Cheers!**


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mousai say's hello to the blogging world

Hello everybody and welcome to the MOUSAI blog! We shied away from the blogging scene so far as we were busy dealing with real world people and real world problems..until today !

After a meeting with our mentor (Shrikant Patil) who told us to start blogging ASAP ,we decided it was high time we had a MOUSAI blog..so here it is everyone!The official MOUSAI blog.."Mousai Musing's!!:) Thank you Shrikant!

Interestingly, the word MOUSAI itself is a greek word that means the trinity of the greek goddesses of art ,poetry and music (the muses) that were together called the MOUSAI.

Our work takes us to different sectors of society.We work with the Education sector (teacher's training and Student training programs), Corporate Sector , NGO sector and conduct a host of Open Programs.

What we do differently is we integrate music and movement in learning to create a positive, accelerated,memorable learning experience..It's amazing how music and movement can really bring out the childlike nature in everyone..We have seen it work it's magic with people and truly beleive in it's power ..

Welcome to the MOUSAI experience..you hope you will join us on this journey together..:)
Have a brillaintly beautiful day ahead folks!