Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Power of Conviction and How Words Affect our Energy Fields - A Look Into the Alternative Sound Healing Methods Used by Ancient Chinese Medicine

The essence of everything in the universe is vibration. Any emotional blocks that reside within us is stuck vibrational energy which if unreleased impacts our emotional and physical health.

We however have all  been blessed with powerful tools for self-wellness; the voice & the body. The Indian Vedas and the ancient Greek &  Egyptian texts all speak about the healing power of sound and it's remarkable curative properties. 

 Words are quite literally vibration and sounds that create our reality. They put form and meaning to our thoughts; in a way you could say they form our reality. If you suppose this, then a tool that creates your reality is a powerful tool , would you agree? 

They are the vessel of our inner thoughts and a confirmation of our shared reality... You could say then that they are extremely important to the outlines of who we are, what we live by, and what we communicate to others and make them feel. 

Gregg Braden gives an incredible presentation on the power of the heart.

To give you an example , the above presentation was created based on example of  a medicine- less hospital in Beijing, China. It describes the story of a woman who had a diagnoses of a 7.62 centimeter (3 inches) cancerous tumor in her bladder. Conventional medicine doctors gave up on her saying they could do nothing to help her. Desperate, she went to China and to a clinic where they practice both ancient and modern healing methods.  

The practitioners (at the clinic) were adept and properly trained to understand only the precise feeling in their hearts (hence the proper focus of conviction of the words they use). There are only three practitioners in that hospital and they worked by creating a feeling of belief that the woman is already healed. When looking at her body through a sonogram, they could see the cancer regress in 3 minutes as the practitioners used their training and the use of emotional language. 

As the process continued you could see the woman conscious; not administered any anesthetic and she is in full belief of what is happening to her.  On the screen (in the presentation) we will see two images; one image is a picture of the tumour and the other is a real time image while the healing is happening. You will hear the practitioner chant a particular word, which loosley translates to 'already happened or already done' but its not the word used that is important , but rather the intention and the belief in that the healing has already happened -  Not that it is going to happen or not that its about to happen or that its a long slow happening but that it is already happened. Such is the power of sound when used with focus and intention ...

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